This trip started with difficulties. A major repair was carried out with delays during four months finishing barely on time. I hurt my left knee badly in the last few days before departure and had to go limping for a thorough checkup of the damage before sailing off. I later scheduled an osteopath apointment in Corfu.
The starting date was delayed a few times and the final selected date for loading the olive oil, 25 of March, was dangerously close to the deadline imposed by my next trip in the Aegean starting May 1st. And then a few days before sailing off from Lavrion the Corinth Canal closed due to landslides. That eliminated the easier route by the Gulf of Corinth to Kyparissia, port for loading the boat, imposing to sail around the Peloponnese in a season of strong south winds.
I decided to sail off once the major maintenance was complete leaving for the trip time, during idling because of bad weather, minor maintenance like reconnecting sea and sweet water systems, some of the cabin lighting, connecting the third solar panel, railing work, putting together the base of the electric outboard motor, putting order in tools and supplies, finishing the shelves and placing my plates and glasses etc. Even the first day sailing would replace the test ride to Kea and back that I did not find time to do.