I started late on Monday afternoon, I passed the bridge at 15.00 hoping to have an answer from my friend Guy who was to arrive in Preveza, next bay, that afternoon and we might meet. No answer came on time and the wind was very manageable so I set sail for Ligia, a little fishing port with spare berths for stray sailors, difficult to find, no lights, dangerous to get in but great shelter and good fish once you are docked. The next morning the sailing to Corfu was very relaxed and I docked in late afternoon, time to see Myrto, the daughter of old friends I had not seen since she was ten. She lives and creates in Corfu since five years. She was an excellent guide for Corfu and she introduced me to a few great people. The next morning I had the osteopath appointment for my knee and it went greatly, I shopped for groceries and boat supplies, did my laundry and anchored to sleep by the green small island opposite Corfu town. Thursday my son Paris arrived from London to forget work and rain, taste the Greek Easter, sail and meet with me after months. Corfu was very kind to us. The restaurants Myrto recommended turned out great. The Good Friday, we could not sail because of too much wind, was an immersion to the beauties of Corfu and in the epitaphios processions custom that is uniquely festive and lively in the island.
We sailed off the next morning to Othonoi, the last greek island before crossing to Italy. Easy sailing and easy docking in a port that is almost empty this time of the year. Ouzaki at the local tavern came with "magiritsa" the Greek soup for after midnight and the Easter Resurrection announcement. Easter day was not for sailing since Aeolos did not make wind on that major Christian holiday. I and Paris were the only ones on the island to grill in the open on the rocky beach our lamb chops and liver on a grill Paris discovered that served the needs of pirates and other seemen.